Frequently Asked Questions

This attempts to answer fairly common questions. You can also treat it as tips and tricks. You may hear this information in certain lessons. In case you have questions please contact us.

Can I subscribe to a monthly plan?

Short answer: No. Long answer: You will see differences after the first lesson, it takes time to integrate and regulate your nervous system. This is a process of education and consistent practice will increase the benefits, therefore we offer special a 2+1 month bonus one time trial.

How Can I Access Somatic Education on a Budget? - Scholarships - (I cannot afford the premium package but would need it)

We offer a scholarships . Please see the specific page on scholarshipsscholarships

What are the rules for somatic education?

Every movement needs to be pleasant, without excess effort (unless doing athletic type movements) and most important: it should not hurt. Whenever any movement produces discomfort, your nervous systems stops learning properly. When in pain, your nervous system jumps to the sympathetic branch (fight, freeze or flight) and your body tenses up to protect you. (One of the reasons why forcing stretching doesn’t work..) There are more athletic lessons where we’ll do more work and effort. Yet, even there, we will learn how we can become more efficient while respecting the same rules. Reduce the effort

I’m having trouble following the lesson, is there a video I can watch?

The lessons are purposefully kept in audio only to train yourself to follow the instructions. Therefore you need to think about how you can achieve this. You have no benefit if you copy someone’s movements if they do it wrong. (This can often happen in classes) The lessons are about your own personal and internal experience! Follow the instructions as best as you can. Plus, as we explore movements and you progress through a lesson, it will become apparent what needs to be done throuh variations of movements. This will help you explore alternative ways of doing and being. An additional benefit is that you will train your attention and your listening skills. Something which is lost today. When in doubt send an email with your questions or ask for a personalized lesson.

Before I began doing a lesson I felt anxious, stressed. Now I’m fully relaxed, what happened?

Your nervous system has just discovered the parasympathetic state. It even entered the ventral vagal state in which you’ve relaxed so much that your system understood that you’re safe. Polyvagal theory explains this in more details. If you’re interested in the phisiology read Why Zebra's don t get Ulcers

What can Somatic Education help with? What does it ’treat'?

Let us leave the definition of ’treatment’ for medicine. Somatic education allows your nervous system to recalibrate your soma or your psyche, mind, body With each lesson your nervous system gets the opportunity to learn better patterns of movement and freedom, Improving your well being and posture without focusing on them directly! You’ll no longer have chronic pain and will move more efficiently There are also many psychological benefits such as helping you relax. It can even help cure your anxiety and depression.

How many lessons exist in total?

I’ve identified more than 1000 different lessons. If we take into account that there are numerous variations and possibilities, we could talk about more than 10.000 lessons. Through Awareness and Pandiculation, individual lessons can be created for your own needs. So there could be countless lessons available

What do I need to practice a linsublim somatic lesson?

You need your body abd a floor on which you can rest. Allow between 30 to 60 minutes of stillness in which you will remain undisturbed. You can use a yoga or pilates mat on top of which you can add a blanket. Because for many exercises you need to slide and glide, so you might want to use blanket on top of your mat. Most mats are non gliding/sliding which would increase the difficulty, something we don’t want. It’s important to focus and be aware of every movement through yoru senses. If your awareness slips, dedicate just 10 minutes and come back later. It’s recommended to practice each lesson from the beginning untill the end in the same day without too many interrupments. You will probably need to take much more breaks than indicated. Pause the recording and rest, start back in a few minutes.

Should I keep my eyes open or closed?

Unless otherwise stated you may keep your eyes closed to feel the internal sensations. Since each lesson is different, follow the instructions. Many lessons use the eyes open for coordination.

Who needs somatic education

Everyone. If you have a brain, move and breathe.. you need somatic education The more you live,the more you will misuse your body and add ‘insults’ to your SOMA by using bad posture and through Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA)

How can I donate? Can I buy access for someone else?

We appreciate your support. You can donate via our special donation page . After careful review, we assign accounts to people who need somatic education but cannot afford it. This is similar to how food shops operate, people pay meals in advance and those who cannot afford get a chance to eat.

Which payments methods are available?

We currently accept payments in via IBAN bank transfers. Please email us at support [@] Do note that it can take between 5 to 7 days to process, we recommend using for the transfer if IBAN are not standard in your country yet or to simplify the process.