Unlock Hidden Potential: Unleash Peak Performance Through Employee Wellbeing.

Is your team operating at a fraction of their capacity? Chronic pain and stress cause a lack of productivity and are holding your employees back!

LinSublim unlocks the hidden potential by promoting resilience, boosting cognitive function and fostering a culture of wellbeing. Unleash the power of a thriving workforce.

Presenteeism Cost Calculator

Calculate the costs

Calculate the real costs of presenteeism (working while unwell) in your own company. How's the unseen burden of stress, chronic pain caused by muskuloscheletal issues, burnout and disengagement affecting YOUR workforce?

Presenteeism: A Silent Killer of Productivity

Employee stressed at work


Saps focus, fuels presenteeism, drives up healthcare costs.

Employee with back pain at work

Chronic Pain

Leads to absenteeism, decreased engagement, hinders performance.

Disengaged employee at work

Disengaged Employees

Cost companies billions each year in lost productivity.

LinSublim Somatic Education: Empowering Well-Being

By utilizing the science of neuroplasticity we retrain your employees' brains, nervous system and bodies. Through gentle, targeted movements, LinSublim Somatic Education:

LinSublim Benefits: A Flourishing Workforce

Increased Productivity

Employees with less stress and pain are demonstrably more productive.

Reduced Absenteeism

A healthier workforce means fewer sick days and a more reliable team.

Improved Employee Engagement

  • Engaged employees are happier, more creative, and less likely to leave.
  • Enhanced Company Culture
  • A focus on well-being fosters a positive, supportive work environment.
  • Reduce Chronic Pain and Burnout in Your People.

    Unlock the Potential Within Your Workforce. Integrate LinSublim, a revolutionary somatic education program and platform and witness a dramatic shift in employee well-being, productivity, and overall company culture.

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