Your Responsibilities

Read This page First - Your Responsibilities when practicing Lin Sublim Somatic Movement Education Lessons

Embarking on Your LinSublim Somatic Journey: A Guide for Curious Explorers

Welcome to the fascinating world of LinSublim Somatic! As you prepare to delve into movement exploration and heightened awareness, remember that your well-being is our top priority. Please read everything on this page!

This whole website is geared towards offering Somatic Movement and Somatic Education lessons. These are powerfull neuroplastic self-improvement tools.

The terms apply to everything related to LinSublim including lessons, workshops, audio recordings, in person meetings etc.

LIABILITY WAIVER: By accessing any of the resources available on or through this website or newsletter you release any employee, volunteer or affiliate of LinSublim, and any outside vendors or teachers from responsibility for any injuries or discomfort that might arise while or after 1) participating in a live class; or 2) viewing or listening to a recording.

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Before You Begin:

  • If you have any questions or concerns about starting a self-study program focused on movement and awareness, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor and contact us . Ultimately, your journey is guided by the insights and recommendations you’ve received by your medical providers.

Embracing the LinSublim Somatic Principles:

  • Breathe, relax, and allow yourself to unfold gracefully. These lessons aren’t about rushing; instead, they gently guide your brain towards neuroplastic changes, rewiring movement and awareness habits for increased ease and enjoyment in daily life. Think of it as unlocking your body’s natural learning potential, where patience and curiosity reign supreme.
  • Discomfort is a gentle nudge, not a roadblock. If a movement variation sparks slight discomfort, view it as a curious invitation to explore. Can you do it slower? What alternative movements or adaptations can bring you more joy, ease and eliminate pain? Explore similar positions. Remember, improvisation and adaptability are your allies in finding comfort and maximizing your learning. Without ease and comfort, your nervous system will fail to learn and change. NEVER EVER do anything which is painful! If any movement or lesson is inaccessible due to a variety of constraints, pain, etc. You can do the movements in your imagination. Or you can explore other lessons and come back to it when you have more experience.
  • Leave autopilot behind and dive into mindful exploration. LinSublim Somatic movements lose their magic when you go through the motions mindlessly. So, let curiosity be your guide! Feeling restless during a movement? Explore the sensations throughout your body – you might discover a hidden gem you never noticed before! If you need a breather, simply pause the lesson or take a mindful break. Remember, sometimes the best learning happens when we allow ourselves to rest and integrate.
  • Cultivate curiosity, comfort, and fascination with your unique self. LinSublim Somatic empowers you to become your own teacher. By paying closer attention to your experiences and adapting your movements based on your growing awareness, you unlock a deeper understanding of who you are. Don’t be afraid to pause the recording whenever you wish to savor a movement or explore further.
  • As you embark on this learning adventure, you’ll also become more attuned to your everyday movements. Many LinSublim Somatic students report experiencing an enhanced quality of life as the principles and lessons seamlessly integrate into their daily routines.

Practical Tips for Your Journey:

  • Finding your comfort zone: Whether you choose audio lessons, Zoom/Meet classes, or recorded sessions, make yourself cozy! Place your device comfortably on the floor next to you.
  • Preparing your practice space: Most lessons require lying down for about an hour. Opt for a carpeted floor, a smooth blanket, or a mat (avoid yoga mats due to friction; a bath towel on top can work).
  • Supporting your head or other body parts: Have a couple of towels ready to fold into different heights for head support, depending on the positions (back, side, or front). Remember to adjust your support throughout the lesson as needed. Regular pillows or neck rolls aren’t recommended as they restrict head movement.
  • Dress comfortably: Wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers. Ensuree the room is warm enough. These lessons aren’t about strenuous exercise; instead, they focus on gentle movements that enhance your awareness, coordination, and self-use.
  • Following the flow: The instructions are always relative to your current position. For example, when lying on your back, the ceiling is “forward,” not “up.” Don’t worry if you get lost momentarily; sometimes, waiting and thinking allows things to click, just like in live classes. Remember, you can always rewind the recording if needed, but allowing yourself to flow with the instructions often leads to deeper learning and enjoyment.
  • Explore at your own pace: If you don’t find immediate comfort in a specific configuration or movement, don’t force it! Skip ahead and try other lessons; each offers unique experiences. The order of lessons provided is a suggestion, not a rule – discover what resonates most with you!
  • Technical issues? Our technology is built on reliable standards. If you encounter any issues, simply restart your browser or device, or try a different one. If the problem persists, feel free to reach out – we’re here to help!

Remember, the LinSublim Somatic journey is an exploration, not a competition. Embrace the joy of movement, be kind to yourself, and enjoy the process of discovering the amazing potential within you!

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