Weekly Online Classes - Somatic Movement Education

Currently a global timezone is devised and the schedule can change, if you’d like to participate and have other time preferences, please send an email

Time: Weekly Tuesday 17:30 EET - International English - click to view your own timezone

We host weekly online Somatic Movement Education classes. Everyone is invited to participate. All you need to do is signup to our mailing list

  • Links to Hangouts meeting is provided per email.
  • Premium members get access to replays.
  • Live Participations enjoy unrecorded discussions, Questions and Answers sessions after the lesson.

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Move with ease for every body, thanks to Pay-What-You-Can!

Previously, 2 months of free online classes have been given to the community in 2024!

In-person and online classes come with a standard fee ($20-$25), I believe everyone deserves access to the transformative power of Somatic Education Exercises. LinSublim Members have free access to many online lessons.

Why? Because a world with more people experiencing the benefits of Somatic Movement Education is a world where everyone moves with more ease, joy, and understanding.

  • Facing financial hurdles? No worries! Read more on scolarships

Together, let’s create a more mobile and mindful community, one movement at a time.

Always follow the instructions and read about your responsibilities when practicing LinSublim lessons