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Hello! They call me Andrei, the weaver of embodied awareness at LinSublim. I’m a SMC certified exercise instructor.

As a SMC certified exercise instructor, the legacy of Thomas Hanna and Moshe Feldenkrais guide my hands. I craft paths of movement that awaken hidden wisdom within. Dive deeper into this art of self-discovery here: What is Somatic Education?

A lifelong autodidact, I devour knowledge with insatiable curiosity. IT, programming, Linux, networks, and even cyber security danced in my mind for nearly two decades. Now, I’m slowly learning new skills outside of the realm of computers.

My mind harbors a paradox: open, yet fiercely skeptical. For me, truth demands tangible evidence, a constant hunger I feed daily. Openness thrives on a tapestry of experiences: skepticism, proof, practice, exploration, comparison. It demands shattering our own walls, beliefs, and preconceptions, a process I’ve repeated countless times.

Science is my compass, its words etched in research papers I relentlessly scrutinize. I sift through myths and placebos, seeking practices that truly empower.

Startling discovery: many chronic pain solutions, fitness programs, even anti-stress techniques, offer little more than the comfort of a placebo!

My approach draws on a vibrant tapestry of knowledge: somatic experience, ancestral echoes of trauma, the wisdom of the polyvagal theory, and the collective brilliance of those who’ve shaped true somatic education.

An eternal student, I crave the endless dance of learning. From brains and nervous systems to cybernetics and Milton Erickson’s hypnotic whispers, from neuroscience and NLP to the art of peak performance and marketing’s intricate threads, even delving into cyber security and biohacking’s cutting edge – all fuel my quest for the most impactful methods.

Only after I had discovered somatic education did I break free from the chains of always being busy doing everything better, faster and more efficient. I pivoted from doing, to being

Unveil my own journey - how somatic education became my life-restoring sanctuary .

My Dream

I yearn to ignite within others a spark of self-mastery, guiding them on a path woven from the wisdom of somatic awareness. Forget the faded tapestries and incense – this journey embraces practicality, empowering individuals to forge a profound connection with their own bodies. It’s about unlocking true independence, not just financially, but in the way they move, the way they breathe, and the way they inhabit themselves. Imagine a future where self-reliance blooms, nurtured by a deep understanding of their physical potential and the ability to move with grace and confidence. That, my dear, is the essence of my dream – to empower individuals through somatic education and cultivate a generation who are self-aware, self-reliant, and truly connected to themselves and everyone else in the world.